Testing over networks is much more than a check box exercise

It was great to attend The National Software Testing Conference held in London recently, both as an exhibitor and a speaker. I really love this type of event as they provide a great opportunity to talk to professionals, in this case software test professionals, who are “at the coalface”.

During conversations with several delegates who visited our (iTrinegy) stand I was encouraged to hear that they understood the concept (and saw the value and need) of including verifying application behaviour over networks as part of their test regime. A few years back, if you asked the question “So how are you checking that your application will work over in a production network?” It would not have been surprising to get a reply along the lines of “Oh, that’s not part of my remit, I leave that to the operations team/network team”.

You can read the rest of my observations about why testing over networks is much more than a check box exercise at the Software Testing News web site

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