iTrinegy is often referenced in the IT press. Below is a sample of our more recent coverage:

Interop Interview
iTrinegy Details Network Application Performance Solutions

Nora Murphy, Global Sales Manager at iTrinegy tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about her company’s network emulation and APM technologies... More>>

APM Digest

The Network is Slow - APM to the rescue

Itrinegy blogger, Jim Swepson describes the "detective work" used to help a customer find the real cause of poor performance More>>

MSP Today

Event Report by Doug Barney, TCMNet Editor at LargeInterop Vegas Travelogue: MSP News in Spades (Part 1)

"Itrinegy was early on my hit list. Whenever someone asked me what was cool at the show, I pointed them to booth #641." More>>

Network World


British Airways not only surfing the skies!

Major airport networks being tested using 'Skylab'

British Airways is using a new applications testing platform (from iTrinegy) to check the performance of new and existing apps over its disparate worldwide network. More>>


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