iTrinegy announces NEW dedicated ‘Cloud in a Box’ Module as part of its IT Transformation Service

Cloud World Forum, London, UK June 26, 2013 — iTrinegy has added a dedicated new ‘Cloud in a Box’ pre-deployment service as a major part of their IT Transformation service for any organisation planning a move into a cloud environment, and which is concerned about how this migration will impact their business applications and end-users.  The ‘Cloud in a Box’ offering is also available as  part of iTrinegy’s INE Network Emulator range, and offers a unique, drop and drag GUI capability that allows customers to try for themselves exactly, and in real time, how their applications will perform no matter what flavour of Cloud is being considered.

iTrinegy’s new ‘Cloud in a Box’ service identifies any network-related performance issues applications are likely to encounter in the proposed new cloud environment. Said, Frank Puranik, Product Director at iTrinegy “We were increasingly being brought into a customer site after their applications have been moved to the new network (Cloud) to look at performance issues, Experience shows that applications that have been developed for a LAN can be very poor performing when moved to a WAN type environment like the Cloud.  When spending money it’s smart to know exactly what will happen to your business applications prior to actual deployment, as retrospective remedial actions can cost companies hundreds or even thousands of pounds and damage reputations. Now we can de-risk these Cloud moves in advance and so ensure the transition goes smoothly.”

In the past pre-deployment testing has not been carried out due to a perceived high cost of constructing a facsimile of a live network - enter ‘Cloud in a box’, which is better than the real network, as you can test all the conditions, in an exact, real-time way, replicating the cloud without waiting for a time when the network is flaky – you can make it flaky at will.

The reconstruction of any real world network in a safe but highly realistic test environment ensures that the applications being built or deployed into the cloud can be thoroughly tested to ensure that they will perform well under all the adverse (or good) conditions experienced in a real customer cloud networked environment. iTrinegy ‘Cloud in a box’ is a cost-effective alternative in understanding your applications’ performance and seeing how your end users are experiencing them.


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