Profiler Plus

Network Profiling & Long-Term Application Performance Measurement

Profiler Plus Screen on Monitor

Profiler Plus is sophisticated Network Performance and Networked Application Aware Measurement technology which delivers enterprise-wide NAPM.

Profiler Plus delivers affordable, yet  comprehensive Network Performance Measurement (NPM) and true Network Application Performance Measurement (NAPM) through an elegant widget-based GUI*.

As a user, there is no application and no network protocol knowledge required to gain invaluable insight into your network traffic profiles, application performance and the associated end-user experience.

Key Deliverables

  • Understand what’s happening on your network - Discover, measure and benchmark how network resources are being utilized by users, applications and servers
  • Be Proactive - Receive alerts on critical Network Utilization, Application Performance and End-User Experience issues.
  • Save Money - Understand who and what are consuming your network resources. Identify critical issues and improve operational performance
  • Plan & Predict - Understand current dependencies and network utilizations and have the information necessary to manage change effectively and efficiently
  • Usability - Highly intuitive and flexible widget-based GUI with user definable dashboards, graphs, tables and data trees
  • Deliver an Enterprise-Wide Solution - Link appliances, share dashboards and deliver enterprise-wide collaborative operational intelligence.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring - Compare analytics, with no loss of granularity, over minutes, hours, days or even months.
  • Enhance Application Performance Testing - Generate network profiles that can be “played back” on iTrinegy Network Emulators.


  • No agents required
  • Passive, out of band, with no overhead on the network infrastructure
  • Rapid Installation (less than 15 minutes) connected via mirrored switch port or tap
  • No setup reporting configuration required

The Profiler Plus Range comprises:

  • Profiler Plus Model 2: 2 x 1Gbps (max 2000 devices) Profiler Ports
  • Profiler Plus Model 4: 4 x 1Gbps (max 4000 devices) Profiler Ports

1U Full Depth Hardware Appliance
Or VMWare Virtual Appliance.

Please see the Profiler Plus Product Sheet for more information.

* Compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Apple Mac, Linux, Windows XP - Windows 10

U.S. 1-888-448-4366
UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200