NE-ONE Emulator Models

NE-ONE NE ONE Appliance NC Bench Tested Award2016

A unique product offering two compelling and complementary network and application performance measurement capabilities namely:

available either as desktop appliances or virtual appliances.NE ONE in Peli Case small

NE-ONE Emulator


  • A highly intuitive pictorial web GUI* with unique self-configuration capability.
  • An LCD Panel to conveniently operate the unit when in a lab or “In the Field”
  • Built in video tutorials to guide the user through all the major features
  • Optional ruggedized carry case available to protect your NE-ONE appliance

This short video shows the ease with which you can set up a network emulation using NE-ONE Emulator






 The NE-ONE Range comprises:

Desktop Appliance

  • Model 5: 2 x 100Mbps Ports with 5 concurrent emulated links
  • Model 10: 2 x 200Mbps Ports with 10 concurrent emulated links
  • Model 20: 2 x 1Gbps and 2 x 200Mbps Ports with 20 concurrent emulated links, multi-tenancy usage and CLI (Command Line Interface)

Virtual Appliance

  • Flex Model 1: 2 x 50Mbps Ports with 1 emulated link
  • Flex Model 5: 2 x 100Mbps Ports with 5 emulated links

Find out more about the new NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Emulator Appliance

Product Information & Technical Specifications

 * Compatible with the following operating systems and web browsers:

  • Apple Mac & iOS , Android, Linux, Windows XP - Windows 10
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE11



U.S. 1-888-448-4366
UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200