AppQoS APM Delivers Cost Savings for IPF

Customer: International Personal Finance plc (IPF)   IPF-logo

Application: Application Performance Monitoring

Product: AppQoS

Clive Young, Network Architect “AppQoS was very easy to get going and I immediately started by measuring all of our web page response times. In the Czech Republic, it identified a 750K xml file was being loaded to every client PC at start-up and this took an average of 7.5s to serve. Discussions with our Focus application support partner have led to a re-write of the application code to minimise the size of the product catalogue downloaded at start-up. Success!"  

“A real bonus for IPF is that a WAN acceleration solution with significant initial implementation costs and associated on-going managed service costs to support it is not going to be required. AppQoS helped us show that we didn’t need this technology to ensure the performance of Focus and the company has saved significant money in the process!” (click here for the full story)


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