Slimming World Ensures Application Roll-out Success

Customer : Slimming World

Application: Pre-Deployment Application Testing

Product: INE Compact

Sean Chapman, from Slimming World “iTrinegy’s INE Compact has helped ensure that ‘XpressWeigh’ works for every Consultant throughout Slimming World and that we have been able to adapt the areas where the network was difficult, this has enabled us to guarantee a positive experience for all our Consultants. We continue to test with the iTrinegy emulator any new updates and also regression testing. This has been really useful when testing new code as the INE Compact catches any possible problems prior to rolling out any new updates.” Sean continues. “INE Compact has been a very useful addition and has helped us achieve, on time and within budget, exactly what we needed it to do. Our ‘XpressWeigh’ system has been successful due, in part, to iTrinegy’s network emulation technology which helped us understand the issues that the network throws our way.” (click here for the full story)

Capita Case Study

Customer: Capita Business Services

Application: Proof-of-Concept Testing for a Data Center Migration

Products: INE Enterprise & Profiler Plus

Steve Brankin, Data Centre Transition & Integration Manager, CapitaWe avoided a failed migration and understood that we would need to invest in thin client or WAN acceleration technologies to complete the task. All in all, it was a case of “money very well spent” on iTrinegy’s products, especially given that we could use them again on our on-going migration/virtualization projects and monitor the applications post migration with Profiler Plus too” (click here for full story)

Dunnhumby Case Study

Customer : Dunnhumby  

Application: Application Performance Resolution

Product: INE Enterprise

Dave Duncan, Group Network & Communications Architect, Dunhummby “One area that was problematic for us was the behaviour of PDF and PowerPoint files across a WAN.  We noticed they were often slow, sometimes taking up to 90 seconds to open.” Said Dave “It’s not just a matter of throwing bandwidth at the problem, iTrinegy’s (network) emulator was able to replicate how the applications would perform with more bandwidth and it didn’t make the applications go any faster!” Dave continued “through thorough testing with iTrinegy’s emulator we were able to see why our pdf’s and PowerPoint files were having issues and were able to come up with an alternative solution to overcome the problem.” (click for full story)

APD Communications Mobile Data Communications Testing

Customer : APD Communications 

Application: Pre-Deployment Mobile Data Communications Testing & Problem Resolution

Product: INE Enterprise and Profiler Plus

Dan Ellis, from APD Communications: “By utilising iTrinegy’s network emulator in our development labs with our CORTEX ICCS (Integrated Communication Control System) product, we have been able to test our new VoIP TETRA Port Pooling solution over a variety of different simulated connections including ADSL, Satellite and congested LANs. With VoIP usage on the increase but with differing network conditions we have been able to reliably simulate customers’ environments and successfully re-factor the relevant code to address any problems.”

“We are currently using Profiler to provide a comprehensive view of our clients’ needs. Our support and onsite teams use the solution to help diagnose issues with customer networks to ensure these can be addressed and resolved – for example, we use it to create a simulation of satellite links for a mobile control room in Abu Dhabi. This will identify any network issues to ensure our CORTEX ICCS product works effectively in mission-critical circumstances”

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Speakerbus VoIP Product Testing


Customer : Speakerbus

Application: Pre-Launch VoIP Product Testing 

Product: INE Enterprise

Andrew Beattie, Head of Solution Engineering and Validation, Speakerbus: “Our testing team placed the network emulator between two endpoints within our i turret test environment, which mimicked the different network types that the i turret VoIP solution would be utilised in.  The emulator simulated  parameters such as latency, link speed, packet loss, error rates as well as jitter and by recreating all the network conditions needed to test i turret’s real-time resilience within a trading environment, we were able to specify and approve the optimum thresholds for a perfect experience.”

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