Application Rollout & Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Once rolled out into the production network it is essential to monitor your application in order to see how well it is performing and what may be affecting application response times if these start to slow down.

iTrinegy’s Profiler Plus offers real-time application response time monitoring solutions that can pinpoint the causes of poor networked application performance including the impact other users, applications (e.g. VoIP) downloaded files or processes are having on your software.

Using iTrinegy’s Profiler Plus monitoring technology will enable you to:

  • Rapidly establish an accurate profile of other network traffic that may be affecting your application’s performance
  • View, capture and print out analysis data in clear graphical and tabular presentation formats that do not require you to be a networks expert in order to understand them
  • Stop spending a lot of time retrospectively sifting through huge amounts of captured data in order to pinpoint the cause of performance
  • Safely monitor network traffic without capturing passwords or other commercially sensitive data
  • Reduce problem resolution times and cuts support costs
  • Improve End-User Satisfaction Rates and Productivity
  • Monitor any application including Windows Networking, VoIP and HTTP

Profiler Plus is available as a rack-mount appliance for both long-term & ongoing application response time monitoring and troubleshooting networked application performance issues.



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