About iTrinegy

iTrinegy is a world leader in Networked Application Risk Management and is trusted by governments, military organizations and enterprises across the globe. Our unrivalled pedigree in safeguarding networked application performance ensures business-critical services are successfully delivered over all types of networks.

Developers, Network Architects, QA and Deployment teams are able to replicate real world networks in both physical and virtual test environments using an iTrinegy virtual test network. This unique capability allows them to mimic any network topology and scenario (good, bad or intermittent) - in a controlled and repeatable manner during Development through Quality Assurance to Deployment.

iTrinegy has expertise and technical solutions to mitigate all networked application deployment risks.

msft Partner iTrinegy are a registed Microsoft Partner.
vmware Many of iTrinegy's products are avaliable to purchase as a virtual appliance. All virtual appliances are VMware ready.
intel network builders iTrinegy are a registered Intel Network Builder.

U.S. 1-888-448-4366
UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200

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