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Knowing you're network ready

We’re in the business of Application Risk Management.

Our solutions give peace of mind to all organizations deploying networked applications.


Every industry from finance to tech, defense to games, retail to healthcare is undertaking some degree of digital transformation.  Success in the digital age is all about application delivery and performance but guaranteeing this isn’t easy, especially when it comes to distributed networks that span countries or continents.    

NE-ONE Software Defined Test Networks technology provides organizations with a way to create real-world network conditions in which to analyze, predict and verify application performance before deploying applications into potentially challenging network environments.  The insight it provides allows businesses to effectively manage their digital products and brand, reducing deployment costs and risk, mitigating remediation expense and impact to resources at the same time as improving quality.

In an environment where the risk of a failed application launch or migration could cost revenue, brand reputation, jobs, or even lives, the effective assessment, and management of this risk should be an integral part of any development, deployment or migration process.

Quality Policy

iTrinegy focuses exclusively on the development and delivery of Enterprise-Class Software Defined Test Network (SD-TN). This technology enables organizations to fully understand the impact new types of network infrastructure will have on service delivery (applications, video, voice etc.,) and performance. Our (SD-TN) products enable customers and vendors to
validate application performance and behavior in a controllable environment that accurately mimics real-world WAN, Satellite, Cloud, Cellular, SD-WAN and Hybrid circuits, so that realistic proof-of-concept tests can be performed and repeated under both normal and challenging network conditions.

iTrinegy is trusted by Governments, Military Organizations and Enterprises across the globe. We provide products that exceed customer expectations and satisfy applicable requirements. 

Quality is a pillar of what we do, with a focus on getting it right and delighting our customers time after time.

iTrinegy Limited is a subsidiary of Calnex Solutions plc, who are ISO 9001:2015 certified. iTrinegy, as a separate operating entity, is committed to continual improvement and through our Business Management System that is also compliant with ISO 9001:2015, we regularly set and review objectives and targets to measure and improve our performance and resilience.

This policy is communicated to, and understood by everyone at iTrinegy, who realise their personal contribution towards improved performance.

The policy is made available to other parties on request. This policy is set, reviewed and aligned with the business aims by management.


Issued by the Management Board

Date: April 2022.

iTrinegy was acquired by Calnex Solutions in April 2022. (Click to Read Press Release)


iTrinegy operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the development and provision of Software Defined Test Network products and associated support. 

ISO 9001 Certification


iTrinegy’s ICT systems have been assessed as satisfactory against commodity-based cyber attack.



Cyber Essentials


Many of iTrinegy’s products are available to purchase as a virtual appliance.
All virtual appliances are VMware ready.

VMware Solution exchange

iTrinegy are a Founder Member of Cambridge Wireless.

Cambridge Wireless

iTrinegy are a Telecom Infra Project member.

msft Partner

iTrinegy are a registered Microsoft Partner.

Microsoft Partners

iTrinegy are proud members of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. 


Our Products

We offer two ranges of Network Emulator products
enabling you to replicate WAN conditions and environments in seconds:

The highly scalable NE-ONE Enterprise Network Emulator that can create any type of network for more complex, sophisticated emulations including fully-meshed Software Defined Test Networks.


NE-ONE Enterprise Range

The easy-to-use NE-ONE Professional Network Emulator boasts rapid deployment times and does not require any specialist network knowledge.



Both products are available in a number of model options to meet today's demanding requirements.