Revolutionising Network Application Performance Management

AppQoS is a revelation in delivering Application Performance Management (APM) and empowers enterprises, ISPs, MSPs and Cloud Providers to manage application performance over local, distributed and remote networks.

AppQoS is a passive solution that analyses the entire traffic of the monitored network segments delivering full-stream reassembly and application-level visibility with no host agents or network infrastructure overhead.

AppQoS delivers real-time, passive network session analysis for each and every network transaction providing invaluable application performance and health information over both local and remote (disparate) networks, making it a unique and compelling solution for distributed network environments.

The unmatched deployment and operational flexibility of AppQoS empowers enterprises, ISPs, MSPs and Cloud Providers in the delivery of application performance SLAs across all parts of applicable networked infrastructure.

AppQoS delivers the fastest and most scalable Network APM in the industry, supporting analysis at full line rates of over 10Gbps and over 1.5Mpps.

AppQoS features fully virtualised network interfaces which allow an enterprise to partitioned aggregated network data into a comprehensive profile of application performance and utilisation on a departmental basis.

AppQoS has a full Web 2.0 wizard-based user interface where graphs and dashboards are user definable and can be held privately or published to 3rd parties, as required.

Liberate hundreds of man-hours associated with generating management reports using the unique AppQoS automated Word, PDF or RTF ‘template’ management report system containing rich context specific graphs, reports and charts.

Core Features


  • Full line rates per interface of over 10Gbps and over 1.5Mpps
  • Limitless interfaces per cluster
  • Limitless appliances per cluster (Clustered appliances can be local and remote)


  • No agents required
  • Minimal configuration with seamlessly network analysis integration
  • Rapid Installation (15 minutes typical)
  • End to End Correlation

Full Distributed Architecture

  • Clustered appliances with a rich GUI providing aggregated reporting across the entire implementation.

Please see our datasheets AppQoS-Networked APM for Enterprises and AppQoS-Networked APM for ISPs & MSPs for more information.