These network conditions will affect your application’s performance. Testing your digital products in a Software Defined Test Network that models the real-world allows you to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate risk, protect your brand and reduce remediation costs.


The Legacy Challenge

Recent events have put the cloud at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation. It’s made organizations think about the location of services, resilience and application performance. The reality is that many financial organizations host legacy applications on-premise or near to the user. It’s unknown how these applications, that may have been developed for local networks, will perform in the cloud, private, public or hybrid.

Using iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks, any organization can now easily and quickly reproduce the cloud network experience in a test environment. Organizations can dynamically switch on and off a cloud experience and test their legacy applications as if they are operating in the real cloud environment with remote cloud data centers.

Distributed Applications

Public cloud providers have built data centers in fixed locations around the world. Known as regions, they are globally distributed and the distances between them results in latency. Applications that are distributed across regions, different countries or continents, can fail unless they are properly designed and tested to handle normal and extreme network conditions.

A Software Defined Test Network allows you to replicate the real-world Cloud including Azure, AWS, Google or any combination. You can test your applications as if they are running from multiple regions, complete with bandwidth limitations, latency, jitter, loss or any other impairment, across different network types including WAN, cellular, WiFi, SATCOM or DSL. In other words, you can mimic application performance for any location in the world, within your own environment.

Network Transformation

Traditional branch to data center connectivity solutions have been expensive, difficult to manage and required specialist skills. In recent years technologies like SD-WAN have become mainstream lowering the implementation, management and connectivity costs. Choosing and verifying the right solution is challenging – how do you know that it meets your organization’s needs and will work well with your applications over your network circuits?

Using a Software Defined Test Network you can software provision the proposed network circuits in which to test technologies, like SD-WAN, in a controlled, accurate and repeatable test environment. Accelerate proof of concepts, mitigate risk and avoid remediation costs and execute network transformation projects with confidence.

Digital Experiences on the move

Open banking and the use of open APIs have allowed financial organizations and FinTechs to build apps offering new digital experiences. Consumers now expect to be able to use these apps from home, on the move or overseas with apps running on phones or tablets. The apps must be developed with the ability to be resilient or deal gracefully with variable network quality when running over public networks by being able to continue operating over a poor WiFi network in a coffee shop, or handle a train journey where you are frequently transitioning between networks, or when an app being used from a hotel is accessing data on the other side of the world and so on. Public networks provide no guarantees on performance or reliability; a vital consideration when building and testing apps.

Network Scenario Builder, a fully graphical drag and drop time-based sequence editor and player feature of iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Network solutions, allows you to quickly and easily create real-world network experiences in which to test your apps. Choose from one of the predefined examples or chain your own network experiences together with built-in intelligent transitions and verify the app performance as if it’s running in these real world scenarios but under controlled test conditions.


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