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Network Mesh

You can buy iTrinegy products and services direct from our sales offices or through our Authorised Partners. Whether you are still exploring solutions or ready to buy now, an iTrinegy Product Specialist can help.

iTrinegy offers the following types of product licenses. 

  • Perpetual License:  Permanent license without an expiry date.  Typically one to three years of support and maintenance is included with the perpetual license.  Available for hardware and software Virtual Appliances.
  • Rental License: Temporary license with the license expiration date set according to the chosen rental period. The rental license can be automatically renewed upon expiration.  Support and maintenance is included.  Available for hardware and software Virtual Appliances.

Buying Options

Buy Direct

Contact Sales 

Just complete our Information and Requests form

Need clarification before purchasing? If you have any questions, we would be happy to talk them through with you. Just pick up the phone and dial:

USA/Canada: 1-888-448-4366

UK and Rest of the World: +44 (0)1799 252 200 

Still not sure of the best way to purchase? No problem, just fill our short Information and Requests form  – we can assess your needs and connect you with the right partner or an iTrinegy Product Specialist.



U.S. 1-888-448-4366
UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200

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