iMarket VoIP Deployment Testing

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Customer : iMarket Communications 

Application: VoIP Deployment Testing

Product: NE-ONE Professional 

Cliff Wilton, VP Engineering, EMEA: “In terms of set up, I would say that within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box we had the NE-ONE Professional set up exactly as we wanted to. It is one of the simplest pieces of test kit I have ever used”.

“The outlay for an NE-ONE Professional is modest. We have achieved multi-fold ROI very quickly with it by being able to conduct realistic proof-of-concepts prior to signing up line rentals with the carriers.  It has helped to demonstrate the robustness of our financial trading solutions and given our customers the reassurance that when they invest in our products, they are going to work as expected. All in all, it has been a Win/Win situation.”



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