Mobile Network Analyzer & Advisor

INAA Splasg and messages

Rapid & Automated Network Assessment for mobile devices.

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INAA Splasg and messages

• Simple & intuitive network testing for your mobile device

• Easily identify the root cause of network issues

• Gain useful, informative suggestions and recommendations to improve your network connectivity

• Response time metrics are anonymously stored in the Google Cloud Platform and made available for later detailed analysis and research 



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Intuitive & Easy to Use

• Start a test with just a single tap.

• Our sophisticated analysis engine will examine the quality of the network between your device and a specified server.

• Issues are quickly identified.

• Explanations and recommendations on what you might do to improve your experience, are provided in one simple and intuitive delivery.

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Network Quality is Bad Network Quality is Okay Network Quality is Fairly Good Network Quality is Great

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