iTrinegy and APD Finalists in European Excellence Awards 2012 

Collaboration on lone working safety system nominated for top award

Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada USA, February 28, 2012 - iTrinegy, working in conjunction with APD Communications, was today announced a finalist in IT Europa's European Software Excellence Awards 2012 under the Unified Communications & Collaboration Solution category.  The award demonstrates excellence in enabling organisations to improve their internal and external communications and collaboration activities.

The project involved testing the development of Omniguard, a software product developed for Airwave by APD Communications Limited. Airwave came up with the vision of the product concept in collaboration with UK ambulance services for the safety of staff working alone. Omniguard uses radios connected to Airwave’s TETRA network, allowing staff working in potentially threatening situations to request heightened monitoring from the control room. The product has also been extended to support other network bearers, devices and control room environments, allowing monitoring to be extended to include non-TETRA devices such as Smartphones and PDAs on GPRS/3G networks.

The project was critical in nature and APD needed to fully understand how the application would work no matter where the individual was located and what network they were utilising.   iTrinegy’s Network Emulator (INE Enterprise), was used by APD to recreate all network types and conditions that an individual might experience, so that a full test of the mission critical applications resilience in the field was achieved.

Frank Puranik, Product Director at iTrinegy “It’s an honour for us in not only working with a company of APD’s calibre but also in being chosen as a finalist in the European Excellence Awards.  This acknowledges the efforts of iTrinegy in enabling full testing and analysis of APD’s cutting edge applications, guaranteeing that communications developed for the emergency services will not fail.”

Jonathan Hamill, Sales & Marketing Director of APD Communications "We are very pleased to be chosen as a finalist for this European Excellence Award.  iTrinegy's Network Emulator technology was integral to our development of Omniguard, ensuring that with this solution emergency services staff, as well as any other lone workers, will have full support from their control room at all times."

IT Europa's European Excellence Awards recognises and rewards organisations in Europe that demonstrate excellence in enabling organisations to improve their internal and external communications and collaboration activities.  The winners will be announced at a Gala awards dinner at the Hyatt Hotel, Berlin, Germany on 1st March 2012.

Read the full APD Communications case study (PDF)


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