Application Design & Development

Ensure, right from the start, that your applications are WAN-ready

Increasingly, applications are expected to work in Wide Area Networks, over Wireless Networks and via Satellite links so it makes sense to start the design and development of any new software in a realistic simulation of the final proposed production environment.

After all, whether your application is going to work will be strongly influenced by how much thought has been given to the network environment it is ultimately expected to operate in, and the earlier you consider this, the greater the chances of successfully developing a Network-Ready application.

The iTrinegy range of network emulators can help you ensure your application is Network-Ready.

Test your Application's Network-Readiness.

We supply network emulators on multiple platforms. Aswell as a range of inline desktop devices (NE-ONE Emulator) we also supply more sophisticated rackmount units (INE Ultra and INE Enterprise) capable of creating realistic multi-segmented paths or multi-network/multi-user network environments which are completely OS agnostic. As a VMware Partner, a number of our products are also avaliable as VMware Ready virtual appliances.


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