IT Transformation

Application delivery and business models are constantly evolving, as witnessed by the emergence of Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Data Center Consolidations, end-user relocation and outsourcourcing. Analysts and industry experts are also predicting a rapid expansion in the adoption of Mobile Computing.

Migrating to these new technologies and environments presents opportunities to achieve considerable cost savings but at the same time it introduces risk and uncertainty as it necessarily involves a change in the way applications are going to be delivered to the end-users. In terms of the risk assessment, it is generally felt that proper sizing of processor, memory, I/O and storage  requirements for the new environment are relatively straightforward using empirical techniques, but the network is an unknown quantity with not only link speed, but also latency, jitter and loss having a major impact on application performance. Therefore, to reap the benefits of any IT transformation, businesses need to guarantee application performance and end-user experience taking into account all the infrastructural changes, especially the network.

Filmed at the recent Cloud Computing World Forum, Frank Puranik outlines why it is essential to understand how applications performance across networks if you are planning a move to a Cloud Computing delivery model.

iTrinegy has the tools, methodologies and experience to help organizations understand the implications of migration to new network environments used in cloud, data center migration, virtualization and end-user relocation/outsourcing. Our network emulators can be used to model the proposed new network infrastructure in order to conduct realistic Proof-of-Concept pre-deployment testing and "What-If" analysis. As a result, you will be able to fully appreciate the impact the changes you are planning to make will have on the performance of your applications and the end-user experience prior to roll out. In short, our IT Transformation solution will help you to determine whether the new deployment will deliver the anticipated benefits and ROI before you put your budget, resources and reputation on the line.

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By way of illustration of how we can help you de-risk a new deployment, please take a look at how our tools can be used to achieve a successful Virtualization implementation. The approach adopted here is equally applicable to Cloud Computing and Server Consolidation deployments.

Proof of our expertise and experience in this field can also be found in Capita Business Services case study.


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