INE Enterprise selected as Best Testing & Monitoring Product 2011 Finalist by readers of Network Computing

Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada, USA – February , February 11th, 2011, — iTrinegy, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ experts, are pleased to announce, that their best-selling Network Emulator, INE Enterprise has been short-listed as a finalist in the Network Computing Awards for 2011.

INE Enterprise is a powerful network emulator, and was chosen by readers of Network Computing as a finalist in the Best Testing & Monitoring Products for 2011 category due to its ability to quickly recreate complex network environments (multi-site, mutli-user, multi-path) in which to test how applications behave prior to actual deployment.

INE Enterprise (INE) is iTrinegy’s bestselling network emulator which enables application developers, software testers and network specialists to see how applications will work and perform in target networks prior to roll-out. The types of network INE can replicate include WANs, high latency Satellite, Wireless networks (3G, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE), QoS-based networks (i.e. MultiProtocol Label Switching, or MPLS), Radio over IP (RoIP) and Routed networks. As a combined hardware and software solution INE can be connected into an Ethernet (10/100/1000/10G) network and is supplied with 2 or more ports. It is delivered as a rackmount or portable system.

Using INE Enterprise from development, through testing to pre-deployment ensures an application will work and perform as intended in its target network without the requirement for painful and expensive retrospective fixing, re-coding or re-designing.

By subjecting the application under test to network impairments such as latency, jitter and packet error/loss etc., it is possible to spot and resolve software performance issues early in the development lifecycle.

The Network Computing Awards are based on votes from readers of Network Computing Magazine and are intended to give industry-wide recognition to the technology, tools, solutions and products at the forefront of the evolving technology market.

Last year more than 15,000 votes were cast by the readers of Network Computing magazine and this year customers of iTrinegy’s INE Enterprise will be given the opportunity to vote for the winner.

“We are really impressed by the recognition of our customers for nominating our INE Enterprise network emulator and are proud to be short listed,” said Frank Puranik, Product Director at iTrinegy. “The nomination has been given as a direct result of our customers’ online voting and validates our continued dedication in providing excellent technology for companies of all sizes.”

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