INE Network Emulator Range

Accelerate verification of service and application performance in a controllable and repeatable test network.

INE Enterprise Global Network with NC2015 award INEBoxes

The iTrinegy INE Enterprise/Ultra Hardware and Virtual Appliances (NFV) range continues to lead the market with high performance, scalable Network Emulation that brings the behavior of private and public networks into a controlled and repeatable “virtual” test network.

INE Enterprise/Ultra Appliances (referred to simply as INE from hereon) can mimic LAN, WAN, Cloud, Satellite, Mobile, DSL, WiFi and other network types in point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, fully meshed configurations or any combination of these.  INE’s virtual routers and circuits allow you to easily recreate the real-world configuration including IP addresses, routing tables, other network traffic, latency and link quality thus bringing as much realism as possible into the test environment.

Key Benefits


Easily Deploy with Superior Realism
Rapidly map out the production environment including virtual routers, links, end-points, network link realism (often somewhat incorrectly called “impairments”) and traffic to accurately emulate user experiences.  This provides greater realism and so enhanced confidence of tested applications.


Save time by integrating your network scenarios with functional and performance test tools and/or your own scripts instead of making manual changes.


Operational Scaling
INE’s multi-user design, virtual ports and scenario sharing capabilities protects your investment and enables you to scale-out to support multiple teams and scale-up the number of concurrent tests, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership, environmental footprint and system management overhead, while conducting more complete tests or more tests in parallel.

Mag Glass

Analysis and Optimization
Analyze test results in real-time to identify and resolve potential performance issues to ensure service level compliance before deployment.  Inspect application behavior in detail enabling rapid debug of application performance issues to ensure a positive user experience.


Continuous Test Network
Deploy on the edge of the production network enabling real users to test application performance from their usual location but as if they were physically at another location.

Sliders Customize with Programmable Network*
Extend the capabilities of the Network Emulator by developing your own impairments or packet handling functions without a dependency on a third-party.


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UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200

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