iTrinegy Announces its IT Transformation Suite for the Americas


iTrinegy Announces its IT Transformation Suite for the AmericasMigration-Ready-logo

Reno Nevada, USA, Cambridge, UK, December 12 2013, iTrinegy, the global provider of award winning network emulation and APM technology, confirms its strategy of consolidating their enterprise technology into an integrated suite. This will provide any company considering a major data center rationalisation or continuing their migration of networked applications into a virtualized or cloud environment, with a complete toolset to understand where the problems are in their existing environment and ensure applications will work in the new production environment.

The iTrinegy Transformation Suite is a set of tools that enables and supports companies in migrating applications or undertaking major IT infrastructure changes. The tools will allow clients to test in an accurate replication of their production environment, to ensure that mission-critical applications will work across all types of network infrastructure and technologies. As importantly, the tools also help to accurately demonstrate how end-users or customers will experience the new changes on their chosen devices. The suite has been trialled in the UK with excellent customer feedback. iTrinegy will continue to sell and support their products as standalone solutions.

The iTrinegy Transformation Suite will initially support three key capabilities:
1.    Profiling – Benchmarking application performance and network usage in the client’s current production environment across every networked element and device
2.    Environment Replication – Clearly demonstrate how the client’s applications will behave in the production environment, in the safety of an emulated pre-production environment.  This can be used to accurately assess how end-user performance will be experienced in existing and proposed environment which allows clients to test and adjust network elements to achieve the desired end-user experience
3.    Application Performance Monitoring – Real-time insight of all client applications in production that ensures performance targets are achieved and SLA obligations are delivered

“iTrinegy is continuously innovating and delivering tools to enable our customers to understand their networked environments and the way applications will perform in production networks. To be able to accurately predict how an end-user will experience the services is something that has surprised and delighted our UK clients. We hope this restatement of our capability and strategic path will open doors for new and existing clients to engage with us.” said Martin Ford – CEO iTrinegy.

“We have a great client base within finance, military and government and the excellent reputation of our products is enabling us to strengthen our market presence. We continue to build our sales network to support accelerated growth, whilst we pay careful attention to the changing needs of our customers and develop the support services they want. With our new IT Transformation Suite we’re aiming to equip our customers across all sectors with the tools and capability to support them reaching new levels of insight and understanding of their networked environment, whilst providing them the capability and environment to properly test changes before they hit the real world.”

About iTrinegy IT Transformation:  Offers customers the tools, methodologies and expertise to help organizations understand the implications of migration to new network environments used in cloud, data center migration, virtualization and end-user relocation/outsourcing. Through the utilization of: INE Profiler; INE Network Emulation products; AppQoS APM, we conduct real World emulated, Proof-of-Concept pre-deployment testing. The tools support “What-If?” analysis, allow changes to be rapidly made and retesting to be undertaken quickly. Clients will be able to gain a much fuller appreciation of the impact of planned changes both on the application performance and the end-user experience. The iTrinegy IT Transformation Suite will help you know whether changes will deliver the expected benefits before your reputation is put on the line.