iTrinegy Expands its Network Emulator Offering into China replacing Simena at Beijing Broad Sky,

iTrinegy Expands its Network Emulator Offering into China replacing Simena at Beijing Broad Sky 

iTrinegy network emulators fill gap created by Simena’s acquisition by Netscout 


Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada USA, February 8, 2012 – iTrinegy, announces a partnership with Beijing Broad Sky Innovation Technology (Broad Sky), a company focused on delivering comprehensive communication solutions.  This agreement enables Broad Sky to resell iTrinegy’s award-winning network emulation technology in China and complements Broad Sky’s expertise in supplying service providers and enterprises with technologies and solutions to  test and monitor application performance over networks.

iTrinegy has resellers world-wide and Broad Sky is the second reseller to sign up under the iTrinegy’s Simena Replacement Program.  “Our resellers are specialists in their field and they expect high quality products” says Frank Puranik, iTrinegy’s Product Director. “We are really excited that even so early in our relationship that Broad Sky have sold one of our INE Network Emulators to Wuhan University,  a major university in Beijing. With their expertise in engineering and bespoke solutions in communication performance Broad Sky is ideal to be a part of our global reseller program.”


“We are delighted to be working with iTrinegy, our customers demand high quality solutions to match our expertise and abilities” says Richard Yan, President of Broad Sky Innovation Technology.  “We will now be offering iTrinegy’s enterprise and mid-range products so that we can continue to meet all our customers’ expectations for high quality.”

 Beijing Broad Sky is committed to providing comprehensive communication solutions to both Enterprises and Service Providers companies. As an organization, they are specialists in the field of network and application performance. Their teams of expert engineers combine high level management skills with in-depth technical know-how in order to offer professional services and products tailored to the individual requirements of their customers.

Companies globally use iTrinegy’s network emulators to show the performance of new (or existing) applications in a wide variety of simulated environments such as Cloud Networks, Wide Area Networks (WANs), Wireless LANs, GPRS, 3G, LTE, IP over Radio / Radio over IP (RoIP), Satellite or MPLS networks. As a result, they can be confident that applications will work and perform as expected, without the need for expensive retrospective fixing, re-coding or re-designing, when rolled-out into the live network.

 iTrinegy Network Emulators replicate all the network conditions applications will encounter in  IT migrations  such as datacentre consolidations, virtualizations and migration to the Cloud allowing you to “try out” applications in an accurate replication of any proposed new network environment, prior to any transformation. Conducting realistic pre-deployment Proof-of-Concept and “What-If” analysis will help to de-risk such deployments by identifying potential application performance issues prior to actual roll-out.