iTrinegy helps to De-Risk Critical Application Deployments for Xpertex Government Customers.


Xpertex-logoiTrinegy helps to De-Risk Critical Application Deployments for Xpertex Government Customers

Xpertex implements iTrinegy’s network emulation technology to de-risk their client’s networked application deployments

Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada, USA – May 1 2014, — iTrinegy, the global provider of award-winning network replication technology and services, helps to deliver vital performance metrics for Xpertex the specialist technology service provider selected to overcome the issues of poor application performance over WANs and remote networked environments.

One of Xpertex’ key strengths is their ability to deploy government security-vetted resources that allows their consultants to work on sensitive Government projects.  A recent Government project required the migration of a tailor-made application, initially developed to run in a local area network (LAN) environment, into a new proposed wide area network (WAN) environment.

Joel Sweeney, Xpertex Director stated “We used iTrinegy’s INE Enterprise network emulator in our client’s lab to recreate their proposed new WAN environment.  We ran their custom-made application in the test environment and began to adjust the network conditions. It wasn’t long before the application began to perform badly”. “After looking at the circumstances when the performance was degraded, we were able to determine that the best way to resolve the problem was to return the application to the development team for re-coding.”  

During the project, positive results were achieved by Xpertex when using a network emulator to replicate the network and its impact on their customer’s bespoke/custom applications. Due to the success, this customer purchased more network emulators to work in their large UK labs, to continue to look at new applications as well as showing how any updates or changes to their environment will be experienced.

Frank Puranik CTO for iTrinegy, commented: “Organisations with applications that travel across networks face challenges delivering a high level of performance owing to variable network characteristics such as available bandwidth, latency and packet loss. We are pleased that our technology is  being used extensively by Systems Integrators such as Xpertex to accurately simulate performance out in the field, providing hands-on real-time experience prior to actual deployment”.

iTrinegy’s network emulators are used in labs world-wide to simulate a wide range of network impairments such as latency, jitter, loss, bandwidth restrictions, packet loss and errors over different networks.

User organizations include the UK’s Defence, Science & Technology Laboratory and Land Systems Reference Centre, together with the US military and prime contractors.  

Frank concludes “A major plus here is that network emulation negates the need to conduct expensive field trials until much later in the product development cycle, and for Xpertex this becomes a very attractive part of their service offering.”