iTrinegy joins Cambridge Wireless Community

Cambridge, October 21, 2021: iTrinegy is pleased to announce it has joined Cambridge Wireless (CW) as a founder member. CW is the leading international community for companies involved in the research, development and application of wireless and mobile, internet, semiconductor and software technologies.

With an active community of over 1000 technology companies ranging from major network operators and device manufacturers to innovative start-ups and universities, CW stimulates debate and collaboration, harnesses and shares knowledge, and helps to build connections between academia and industry.

Joining Cambridge Wireless is an exciting new step in connecting iTrinegy with CW’s vibrant community of companies.  “We are very much looking forward to engaging with other members involved with application risk management across distributed networks such as 5G, satellite and wireless.” says Peter White, Director at iTrinegy.  “As new technologies such as 5G become mainstream it’s critical for organizations to ensure that they’ve properly assessed the risk that degraded networks will have on their applications and devices, so we welcome the opportunity to work with the community so they can achieve just that.”

In addition to looking forward to working with other organizations to advance the use of all forms of wireless networks, iTrinegy is pleased that Cambridge Wireless is deriving value from using its NE-ONE network emulator technology on numerous research projects focused on next-generation, 5G-enabled products. .    

“Using the Itrinegy NE-ONE network emulator has allowed the companies developing their next-generation, 5G-enabled products in CW’s controlled and predictable private 5G testbed to discover, in a managed way, how their applications and services will function in the real world where delays, jitter and other network variances are more likely to occur.”, commented David Roberts, CTO Special Projects, CW. “This gives the companies confidence that their offerings are mature enough for use in future phases of development such as early field/customer trials and, just as importantly, it lets them know the level of network performance variance their offering can deal with. By using the NE-ONE network emulator, the companies in the CW 5G Testbed can hopefully save a good deal of time, effort and expense during this critical time of development.” 

About iTrinegy:

iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks technology provides organizations with a way to create real-world network conditions in which to analyze, predict and verify application performance before deploying applications into potentially challenging network environments.  The insight it provides allows businesses to effectively manage their digital products and brand, reducing deployment costs and risk, mitigating remediation expense and impact to resources at the same time as improving quality.