iTrinegy launches INE Flex Enterprise– virtual multi-point, multi-path network emulator

INE Flex Enterprise VMware Ready

iTrinegy launches INE Flex Enterprise – the virtual version of its award-winning INE Flex Enterprise VMware Readymulti-point / multi-path network emulator

Enables multiple users to conduct realistic application testing in the virtual world

London, United Kingdom and Boston, USA  October 28, 2015 – iTrinegy, the leading provider of networked application risk management solutions, today launched INE Flex Enterprise, based on the award-winning INE Enterprise hardware appliances. Using INE Flex Enterprise enables organizations to create full multi-point networks (meshed, star-coupled, multi-hop, radio, and mobile style networks) in their virtual environment for the first time.

With organizations increasingly having their development and test environments fully virtualized, the issue has arisen of how to create a realistic network testing platform within those environments. The fact that conventional hardware-based network emulators cannot be introduced into virtual environments has, until now, led many organizations to rule such testing “out of scope”.

As a result, it has often been left to the pre-deployment or customer beta phases to discover there is a problem with an application, presenting a huge risk to the company developing and testing it. Discovering and remedying issues this late in the application development lifecycle has typically resulted in costs tens or, in extreme cases, hundreds of times greater than if they had been captured and dealt with in the early prototyping and development stages.

Building on the success of iTrinegy’s initial virtual solution, NE-ONE Flex emulator, which enables you to create point-to-point networks in the virtual build and test world, INE Flex Enterprise takes this a stage further by allowing multiple developers and testers within the organization to simultaneously create and run their own separate test networks.
Certified as VMware-Ready, INE Flex Enterprise broadens the accessibility and applicability of virtual test networks within the organization. It moves the ability to validate application performance from the dedicated test lab into the mainstream IT environment. Now multiple users can have permanent access to a powerful virtual test network at a time that suits them.

“Some organizations operating in the virtual world have simply neglected the building and testing of the application in realistic networks because they just couldn’t, so they ruled it “out of scope” commented Frank Puranik, iTrinegy’s Product Director. “But the need for such testing is never out of scope because today, most applications require a network for their delivery. And leaving it until the later stages to try and resolve potential problems is not only costly in straightforward financial terms, it is going to be costly in reputational terms as well. With INE Flex Enterprise we have enabled organizations to identify and fix problems with their virtual world applications early which has to be a good thing for everyone, from the developers and testers to the end-users and customers and even shareholders.”

Interested in a trial?
For a limited period of time, iTrinegy is offering the chance to try INE Flex Enterprise before purchasing it. Those interested in downloading a copy for a free 7 day trial should go to the VMWare Solution Exchange web site