iTrinegy launches INE Xtreme, the world first 10Gbps Full Line Rate Software-Based Network Emulator

iTrinegy Creates INE Xtreme – “The World’s First 10Gbps Full-line Rate ‘Software-based’ Network Emulator Appliance”

Cambridge UK, Reno, Nevada, USA, October 17 2012 — iTrinegy announces the creation of the world’s first flexible 10Gbps full-line rate ‘software-based’ network emulator appliance, that offers unparalleled flexibility and price-performance compared with traditional hardware-only based models. This announcement strengthens iTrinegy as a global company with one of the broadest range of network emulators available.

Until now, full-line rate network emulators have been almost totally hardware-based and it was assumed that the very high levels of precision and accuracy they offered could not be achieved using a substantially software based approach.  The developers at iTrinegy have now broken this trend and released the first ever high speed, high precision software-based. full-line rate network emulator.

Why use software?:  By adopting a software-based approach, INE Xtreme  offers flexibility that cannot easily be matched by hardware competitors with the ability to implement features in days rather than the many months it takes to redesign and build hardware units. As a result, it is better able to adapt to the constant changes in performance testing demands that occur as 10 Gbps networks become commonplace.

Frank Puranik, Product Director at iTrinegy “We initially developed INE Xtreme for our customers who needed to achieve ultra-high speeds of 10gbps, while offering features not available in hardware based emulators, with the confidence that no matter what the circumstances, those speeds would be maintained.” Frank continues with a smile “We like a challenge and with established hardware players in this space wrongly stating that it couldn’t be done – it gave us a tremendous buzz when we did it!.”

Frank continues “Just a few years ago 10Gbps was predominantly the realm of the telecoms and specialist network equipment companies, but now these types of networks are becoming mainstream and now due to our software architecture we can accommodate the changing needs of customers in days rather than months”.

INE Extreme will suit organisations such as Network Carriers, Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), Banks and any other organizations that need to test cutting-edge, high-speed technologies like cryptographic units, set-top boxes, routers, switches, storage  etc., in order to expose and thus eliminate their potential weaknesses. INE Xtreme is a specialist “Circuit-in-a-Box” network emulator that complements iTrinegy’s  existing range of “generalist” network emulators (10Mbps to 10Gbps).

Some of the key benefits that INE Extreme offers are:

  • Full stress testing of new networked applications, protocols and devices
  • Confidence that applications and services will perform in high speed networks even when these networks are not quite perfect.
  • Ensuring that any changes to networked applications will not cause loss of productivity
  • Faster turnaround of any specialised emulation needs
  • Great price/performance achieved

Companies globally use iTrinegy’s network emulators to validate the performance of new (or existing) applications, protocols and devices in a wide variety of replicated environments such as Cloud Networks, Wide Area Networks (WANs), Wireless LANs, GPRS, 3G, LTE, IP over Radio / Radio over IP (RoIP), Satellite or MPLS networks. As a result, they can be confident that applications will work and perform as expected, without the need for expensive retrospective fixing, re-coding or re-designing, when rolled-out into the live network.