iTrinegy launches new mid-range network emulators

iTrinegy Unveils its New Network Emulation Range – ‘INE Stratus’ and ‘INE Nimbus’

Delivering Enterprise Benefits to the Mid-Range Market

Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada, USA – February 1, 2012, — iTrinegy unveils its latest network emulator products aimed at the mid-range market; INE Stratus and INE Nimbus, offer many of the benefits needed in today’s market including features that have typically  only been available in larger enterprise models.

iTrinegy developed their new mid-range of network emulators to enable organizations of all sizes and needs to fully understand how their applications will perform in any ‘real’ network. With initiatives such as Cloud computing and Mobile Computing resulting in applications needing to work over a variety of different networks, IT professionals such developers, testers and IT managers are looking for tools like network emulators to help them ensure software deployments are a success.

INE Stratus and INE Nimbus have been developed with accessibility and ease-of-use in mind. Both are accessed via a web-based GUI and setting up a test network only takes a couple of minutes.  Features include the creation of replicated, multi-segmented network paths, with each segment having its own set of network characteristics to accurately reflect real-world network environments. This enables the user to conduct highly realistic pre-deployment testing of application performance in a wide range of networks.

“Increasing the accessibility of Network Emulation to organizations of all sizes is a major step in enabling more companies to gain awareness of application performance prior to deployment.” said Frank Puranik, Product Director for iTrinegy. “Enterprise organizations recognize the benefits of pre-deployment testing including reducing the risk of a costly implementation failure. We developed our mid-range emulator range so that companies of all sizes will have the same opportunities as their larger enterprise counterparts”.

For many mid-range organisations, iTrinegy network emulators will enable them to determine whether increasing bandwidth will really result in increased application performance before they sign up for more bandwidth with their ISP. These products can also provide valuable insight into how applications would cope with initiatives such Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization.

INE Stratus and INE Nimbus are delivered via a desktop device or a half-depth 1U rackmount with up to 4 ports.  They come pre-configured with a range of networks: Cloud, Modem, (A)DSL, WANs (National, international), Satellite, Mobile/Wireless(3G, GPRS, Edge, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE) Point-to-point (ATM or leased lines), Routed networks (including MPLS) and VLANS.  They are also easily integrated into existing test environments and full test script and command line control is achievable with INE Stratus.