iTrinegy Releases INE Profiler for Network Profiling & Network Scenario Generation

INE Profiler enhances the realism of simulated networked created by INE products

iTrinegy Releases INE Profiler INE Profiler enhances the realism of simulated networked created by INE products

Real-time’ Network Profiling & Scenario Generation for Enhanced Application Development and Testing

Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada, USA March 6 , 2013 — INE Profiler, released by iTrinegy, enables organizations to accurately record the various network conditions that their applications are encountering in their existing production network. This information can then be used to easily recreate highly realistic simulated network environments (network scenarios) in which any new application (or version) they are developing, testing or considering deploying can be thoroughly tested.

INE Profiler has been designed to answer the question ‘What are the characteristics of our own live network?’ and examines the actual traffic, both in terms of volume and type running over the network to determine the network’s characteristics. Using its real-time network packet analysis capability, INE Profiler provides information on overall network traffic, network response times (latency), bandwidth utilization, data loss and jitter.

This unique approach is far superior to the use of Ping and SNMP techniques deployed by some network “characterisers”, as ping packets are a poor substitute for real application packets which are likely to have QoS processing applied to them. Additionally, being a passive device, INE Profiler does not add its own overhead to the network load and therefore does not distort the accuracy of the network profile being generated

“If you want to understand how your new applications will perform when rolled out into your production network then the best way is to carry out comprehensive pre-deployment testing in the most realistic network conditions possible”. Says Frank Puranik, Product Director for iTrinegy “And not just any network, but a replication of the your own network, one that’s secure, accurate and repeatable, so no matter what changes need to made over the years, you  have the tools to accommodate the changing IT of your organisation”.

INE Profiler analyses the network traffic by extracting the network characteristics within a live networked environment, creating “network scenarios” for use with iTrinegy’s network emulator products.  In addition to generation of realistic network scenarios, INE Profiler has an highly intuitive widget-based GUI that provides extensive graphing capabilities for showing exactly what is happening on the network and as a result the user can easily see network conditions such as delays, latencies etc without being bogged down in detailed packet analysis.

With the continuing interest in migration to the Cloud, Virtualization, Data Center Consolidation as well as new application deployments, customers are looking to make significant changes to the way in which applications are being delivered to their end-users: the data collected by the INE Profiler helps to build up an accurate profile of a customer’s network usage and conditions. This allows for base-lining of both the network and applications traffic in order to later reconstruct a very realistic replication of the network environment.

INE Profiler comes in three versions; full rackmount, short-depth rackmount and a desktop version for for analysis on the go) depending on your network link speed requirements (10Mbps up to 1 Gbps).

Frank concludes “INE Profiler is a powerful complementary technology for our INE family of network emulators, helping to make the whole process of application performance testing as simple and realistic as possible”