iTrinegy Sets New Standard for Network Emulation

Company unveils new NE-ONE Family of Network Emulators including the new NE-ONE Enterprise

London, May 11, 2021: iTrinegy today announced a significant milestone in the evolution of its Network Emulation portfolio by announcing the launch of its new NE-ONE Family of Network Emulators and general availability of NE-ONE Enterprise, an enterprise-class Network Emulation solution with best-of-breed Software Defined Test Network features that can overcome the challenges of testing applications in real-world network conditions.

The new NE-ONE Family of Network Emulators highlights iTrinegy’s simplified approach to Network Emulation, providing customers with a way to create real-world network conditions in which to Analyze, Predict and Verify application performance before deploying applications into potentially challenging network environments.

NE-ONE Enterprise is built on the NE-ONE’s family’s proven Network Emulation technology providing:

  • FAST, FLEXIBLE AND EASY DEPLOYMENT: The NE-ONE family includes ready-made templates for quick and flexible deployment and the unique fully graphical time-based Network Scenario Builder and Player, which enable customers to effortlessly deploy Software Defined Test Networks into their test lab or production IT infrastructure.


  • EASE-OF-USE: NE-ONE, designed to be used by “anyone’, has an intuitive web interface that enhances productivity through rapid installation and setup along with ready-made test networks and examples.


  • RAPID ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION: Knowing what’s happening on the test network is key for today’s digital test teams so that they can identify issues early and cut the time needed to find out where the problem is. NE-ONE puts a wealth of information at their fingertips ranging from real-time metrics and graphs to detailed test and summary reports.


  • INTEGRATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The NE-ONE family facilitates the evolution to a more efficient, modernized Software Defined Test Network through advanced automation, integration support and programmable architecture.

“iTrinegy now offers the most comprehensive, powerful and intuitive Network Emulation solution on the market to help organizations achieve higher levels of quality in their digital products.  The new NE-ONE Enterprise incorporates ease-of-use and realism, combined with accuracy, controllability and repeatability, that allow our customers to create scalable and high-fidelity sophisticated test networks on demand,” said David Skingsley, Chief Technology Architect at iTrinegy.  “With our proven credentials in WAN Emulation, iTrinegy raises the bar for Software Defined Test Networks, allowing our customers to migrate or launch their digital products with confidence.”

In addition to strengthening iTrinegy’s technology leadership position, NE-ONE Enterprise delivers Software Defined Test Networks for anyone, from Network Experts to Network Novices.  The insight it provides allows businesses to effectively manage their digital products and brand, reducing deployment costs and risk, mitigating remediation expense and impact to resources at the same time as improving quality.