iTrinegy to Participate in the 26th Test Management Forum (TMF)

Looking at the Testing challenges within the network, such as: migrating services, cloud computing, virtualization and data consolidation

Cambridge UK, 20th July, 2010 — iTrinegy, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ experts, announces that Frank Puranik, iTrinegy’s Product Director has been invited to speak at the forthcoming 26th Test Management Forum (TMF) which will take place on Wednesday 28 July 2010 at the conference centre at Balls Brothers, London.

The TMF is a forum dedicated to all aspects of software testing and Frank’s presentation will explore issues with testing in network related environments i.e. ‘The Cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, migrating services, hosting, datacentre consolidation, virtualization etc and testing how applications will perform.

Frank’s session: ‘You can’t just ignore testing in the Network’ will explore the impact different networks characteristics have on application performance and provide testers with the do’s and don’ts of how best to test applications in realistic network. Frank will also cover the use of simulated (emulated) networks to test in the different types of network applications frequently encountered today including WANs Satellite, Wireless/Radio, WiFi and the new 4G, in order to understand how they perform when are rolled-out into the live environment.

Frank Puranik “I’m excited by the prospect of evangelising about a subject that I believe is so essential to testing applications prior to roll-out. Applications are increasingly being sent over networks, and without proper testing, it can not only be costly and time consuming, but embarrassing to boot when an implementation fails.”

Frank Puranik is Product Director of iTrinegy which specialises in the delivery of Networked Application Performance Testing and Network Emulation technology that helps companies de-risk software roll-outs over wide area, satellite, radio/wireless and similar networks. Frank has written numerous articles in publications such as VSJ Magazine, Network Computing, Testing Magazine, Develop and many others. He is a regular speaker on the subject of the impact of networks on application performance. He has over 20 years experience of developing technology to address application performance monitoring and testing. This includes working in a wide variety of roles including software development, sales, technical support and design.

Alan Gordon, Director for SQS, who helps coordinate the Performance sessions at the TMF says, “We are happy to have Frank speaking at TMF on a topic which is continuing to grow in importance. We appreciate the opportunity to have iTrinegy share their insights into the importance of testing in realistic network conditions.”

Frank is joined by speakers from SQS, Tricentis Technology & Consulting, Original Software and Secerno.

The Test Management Forums ( are extremely successful quarterly meetings in Central London hosted by Gerrard Consulting. The TMF covers many topic areas essential for testers including: Test Team and People Management, Project/Programme Test Management, Agile Test Management, Test Strategy and Communicating IT and Performance.