iTrinegy transition from siloed Network Emulators to ubiquitous Virtual Test Networks

iTrinegy makes transition from “siloed”  Network Emulators to ubiquitous Virtual Test Networks

Now everyone can design, develop and deploy applications in their own private test network

London, United Kingdom and Boston, USA  November 20, 2015 – iTrinegy, the leading provider of networked application risk management solutions, today announced that it has completed a programme of major enhancements which transforms the applicability and accessibility of its proven INE range of network emulators, from products that are generally lab based, to being just as at home in the core network. As a result, the ability to verify networked application performance is no longer the preserve of the network specialist or dedicated test technician but is now available, anytime and anywhere to a much wider IT audience, as an extension of the core production network.

“Today, the vast majority of applications are delivered over some form of network, be it the Cloud, Mobile, WiFi, WAN or Satellite, so it is vital to be able to verify that they will work properly when introduced into the final production environment” explains iTrinegy’s Product Director Frank Puranik. “The good news is that the technology capable of producing realistic networks exists already. The bad news is that, until now it has been confined to “the lab” or required specialist knowledge to deploy, causing potential bottle-necks in the application deployment process. Recognizing these limitations, we embarked on a programme of enhancements to ensure everyone who shares responsibility for designing, developing, testing and deploying applications can easily access a ‘virtual test network’ at a time that suits them from their normal workstation.  This approach also suits DevOps environments very well”.

The principle deliverables of the programme have been:

Multi-Tenancy – Now several teams or users can have access to a virtual test network simultaneously rather than having to “wait in line” until a suitable INE appliance becomes free. Furthermore, each team or individual can control the characteristics of their own bit of the virtual test network without interfering with another team’s settings, all from their own workstation.  
Port Virtualization -Makes Large Scale Multi-Device Testing Affordable

Unlike conventional network emulators, iTrinegy’s INE Enterprise & INE Ultra have the ability to partition (virtualize) their physical network ports, without needing any hypervisor. As a result, many links (virtual ports) can be created over a single port to enable multiple device testing. Users can then use virtual ports allocated to them.
This capability dramatically reduces the cost of testing application performance in environments such as mobile application deployment, online gaming, and the delivery of online content (e.g. video on demand, streaming media etc.) as well as emergency service and military networks and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).

Multi-Platform Support – Window 7,8,10, Linux and Apple’s OS X

Recognizing that not every organization operates on a single platform, the latest version of iTrinegy’s INE Network Drawing GUI, which lets users quickly create  and control their network emulations, is now available to run on Linux, Apple Mac and the new Windows 10 (in addition to the older XP/Vista/7/8) operating systems.

As a result, multiple users in different teams can seamlessly work together to set and manipulate network conditions as required to verify application performance.  The combination of these features supports DevOps approaches by creating real world extensions of the production network environment.

New Virtual Network Emulator Appliance Range

With organizations increasingly having their development and test environments fully virtualized, the issue has arisen of how to create a realistic network (for testing) within those environments. The fact that conventional hardware-based network emulators cannot be introduced into virtual environments has, until now, led many organizations to rule such testing “out of scope”. This is despite the fact that a real world network can have a huge impact on the application, and so cannot be out of scope.

To address this issue iTrinegy has developed INE Flex Enterprise which provides the features of its physical counterpart, enabling multiple developers and testers within the organization to simultaneously create and run their own separate test networks in the virtual environment. In addition to INE Flex Enterprise, iTrinegy has developed the NE-ONE Flex emulator, which enables you to quickly create point-to-point networks in the virtual build and test environment.

Interested parties can download and trial these virtual appliances via the VMware Solutions Exchange

“The new features and products we have introduced are far from cosmetic” concludes Frank. “We believe they represent a step-change in providing the right tools at the right time to the right people in order to enable organizations to utilize new DevOps and Agile development methodologies.  Correct function and performance in the real world network has become mandatory in the ‘all connected’ world.  To ignore this is to risk your company’s reputation and brand.”