iTrinegy’s LCD Network Emulator Guarantees Application Resilience for The Home Office

‘Standalone all-in-one portable network emulator meets criteria for resilience test’

Cambridge, UK, and Reno, Nevada, USA, 3rd August, 2011, — iTrinegy, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ specialists, is pleased to announce that its INE LCD network emulator is being utilized by the special projects team within the Home Office (the lead UK government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, counter-terrorism, police, and science and research) for guaranteeing application resilience.

iTrinegy’s LCD is a standalone, all-in-one portable network emulator and takes a short time to set-up the network conditions such as  restricted bandwidth, packet loss and delay (latency), to test application performance over different types of network.

Hugh Brazier is a Specialist Projects Manager with responsibility for ensuring the resilience for an application being developed by the Home Office.

An objective of the project was to ensure that no matter what form of network was utilised, data being carried would be successfully and securely delivered.  The LCD network emulator was used to test the “Data transport mechanism”, replicating the network so that the test would give a true experience in real time of how the application and data would perform under different and often demanding network conditions.

Hugh, “Home Office projects are thoroughly quality reviewed and tested prior to any grantin

g of authority for release. We therefore utilise technology that is fully capable of meeting our defined requirements. For this particular project, iTrinegy’s LCD was able to aid us in this endeavour.”

INE-LCD is a portable inline network emulator that enables you to enter and save all its settings via a front LCD screen with “car radio style” push buttons, eliminating a need for a screen, keyboard and mouse.

Parameters that can be set include bandwidth, loss, delay and jitter as well as the creation of asymmetric links. It is also possible to view throughput (packets/sec, bits/sec) on the front LCD panel as well as set IP addresses or DHCP.

Its ease-of-use and pre-loadable test scenarios means you can be conducting realistic WAN application function and performance testing in minutes and that you don’t need to be a network specialist in order to make it work.

Hugh comments further “The INE LCD testing was highly successful and we were able to fully understand all of the network conditions that would impact the applications under development”.

“We are pleased that our network emulation technology has played a key role in confirming the applications the Home Office deploy perform satisfactorily” says Phil Bull, iTrinegy’s Marketing Manager. “By adopting a proactive approach, the Home Office has proven the performance of their application and avoided the need for expensive corrective action to fix network-related issues late in the project lifecycle.”

INE- LCD is part of a suite of iTrinegy network emulation products that recreate a wide range of network environments, enabling organizations to conduct pre-deployment testing of application performance