iTrinegy’s Network Emulator for Windows (INE) tests Application Resilience for Greater London Authority

iTrinegy’s Network Emulator for Windows (INE) tests Application Resilience for Greater London Authority

Network emulation software meets criteria for network performance testing

Cambridge UK, Reno, Nevada, USA 3rd May, 2012 — iTrinegy’s INE for Windows network emulation software is being utilized by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to guarantee performance resilience for their applications.

The GLA is a unique organisation that has a strategic citywide focus. With a need to be accessible to millions of Londoners, achieving good application performance levels is given high priority. To achieve this goal, the IT department has rigorous policies to conduct performance tests on all their web-based applications, as well as those running on other network systems/applications (Legacy Client/Server, Citrix, and VoIP etc.).

Brian Arnold, a specialist Systems Integration Engineer for the GLA wanted to make sure that all their applications would work wherever necessary. “These applications needed to work in a variety of different network environments (WAN, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc).  To understand the impact on our end users, we made the decision that we that needed to test our applications and systems in controlled and repeatable replications of these environments.”

The GLA chose iTrinegy’s INE for Windows as it’s a simple-to-use network emulator that installs onto a Windows XP/Vista/7 or Windows Server system and allow some or all of the applications running on a Windows system to “experience” realistic external network conditions (WLAN, WAN, Satellite etc.) when accessing the Local Area Network (LAN).  Parameters that can be set include bandwidth, loss, latency/delay and jitter as well as the creation of asymmetric links.

Having previously measured and profiled the GLA’s existing network, Brian used INE for Windows to replicate the network characteristics – restricted bandwidth, delay, loss etc- of the network.  This enabled Brian to replicate the different network environment profiles for end-user experience and performance testing.  Brian comments, “Having started by investigating the performance of one our core applications, a contact directory, across the internal Wi-Fi (a 802.11n network accessible throughout City Hall for Hot-Desking and meeting room use by mobile devices) I was able to see how the application was performing.”

“It is great to see that organisations such as the GLA are focusing heavily on the end-user experience” said Phil Bull, Marketing Manager for iTrinegy.” As more applications are placed out in a host of different networks, awareness of how business applications are performing and impacting end-users will help the GLA to deliver a first class service and customer experience.”

Brian comments: “After only one involvement I am confident in the use of INE for Windows and will utilise it when required in future testing engagements.  It has become a valuable part of my testing toolkit and I am very happy with my decision to choose it for my Network Emulation requirements.”

In summary “I have found INE for Windows to be easy to install, configure, and use, delivering Network Emulation in a straightforward and discreet manner” said Brian.

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