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iTrinegy Network Emulator (INE) products enable you to realistically recreate a wide variety of network conditions such as latency and jitter, bandwidth restrictions, packet loss, packet errors and packet reordering so that you can simulate environments including:

  • Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Internet
  • Wireless LANs, Wi-Fi and WiMax
  • Mobile Networks: 2G, 2.5G/GPRS, 2.75G, 2.9G/Edge, 3G, 3.5G, HSUPA, HSPDA or HSPA+, 3GPP LTE and 4G
  • Satellite:  VSAT, C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band etc
  • QoS (Quality of Service) based networks (e.g. MPLS)
  • Routed Networks

It is then possible to test the performance of new (or existing) applications in these replicated networks.

Using these products from development, through testing to pre-deployment ensures your application will work and perform in its target network without the requirement for painful and expensive fixing, re-coding or re-designing.

The iTrinegy Network Emulator Range includes:

  • INE Xtreme – 10 Gbps Full Line-Rate, High Precision Network Emulator
  • INE Ultra  – 10 Gbps High Volume, Multi-Site, Multi-Path Network Emulator
  • INE Enterprise – 1 Gbps Multi-Site, Multi-Path Network Emulator
  • INE Stratus –200 Mbps Multi-Segment, Mid-Range Network Emulator
  • INE Nimbus – 100 Mbps Desktop Network Emulator
  • INE for Windows – 1-Port Network Emulation software for Windows

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