Multi-Domain Operation Networks

Multi-Domain Operations is moving from concept to reality. In a contested battlefield, being able to connect and communicate across all domains is becoming vital. Ensuring data from each domain securely reaches command and each various domain is a current critical flaw in Multi-Domain Operations. Testing against this flaw is essential.

NE-ONE Network Emulation – Solution for Testing Multi-Domain Operations In the Lab

The NE-ONE is a test solution used by Defense and Government organizations across the globe. With the NE-ONE, create Software Defined Test Networks to test military application performance under different severities of environments.

NE-ONE Software Defined Test Network Technology enable you to realistically recreate real world impairments and mimic hostile interferences that Multi-Domain Operations would experience.

Test Military Applications With Ease

The NE-ONE allows engineers to ensure applications will operate effectively across Multi-Domain Operations in all scenarios, and that crucial information always reaches the people who need it.

Land / Air / Maritime / Space Domains

NE-ONE allows all combinations of land/sea/air/space links, meshed or partially meshed and convoy networks.

Cyber Domain

Using the NE-ONE, you can enable your Cyber Range devices to act as if they were operating from any location on the globe, complete with RTT, Packet Loss, Bandwidth requirements and more, across a multiple of different network types, including 5G, 4G, WAN, and DSL.

Utilize international communication hubs, SATCOM, Fiber, DSL, etc

Create test networks that include SATCOM Hops, International DSL/Mobile network connections, SD-WAN conditions, and traditional WAN Networks to create an accurate working model of a real-world multi-domain network, within the confines of a lab environment.

Multi-Domain Operation created in the NE-ONE Multi-Point Designer

Point-to-Point communication link with impairements created within the Scenario Builder


Chain Satellite Network Experiences in the Network Scenario Builder

Create chronological satellite network experiences using built-in transitions to mimic what can happen in the field.


Reduce the need for Expensive Live Field Trials

NE-ONE Software Defined Technology allows users to create controlled and repeatable test environments to quickly and successfully pass proof of concepts with low expenditure.


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