NE-ONE Desktop Appliance Network Profiler

NE ONE Appliance NC Bench Tested Award2016

NE ONE Appliance NC Bench Tested Award2016

NE-ONE Profiler delivers extensive insight into network traffic, utilization and application performance yet without the need for any client or server software (agents), no additional overhead on your network and absolutely no deep networking knowledge required. At only US$8,000 it is also competitively priced.

Network Monitoring and Reporting:

NE-ONE Profiler allows you to detect issues as they happen instead of after the fact. The ongoing real-time analysis provides immediate insight into problems and issues.

NE-ONE Profiler empowers you to identify and fix network related performance issues, highlighting the real cause of these issues (client, server specific or other less apparent problems).  Furthermore, Profiler auto discovers what applications are running across your network, the overall application, user and server utilisation, look back for comparison, capacity planning and continuous improvement.

This short video shows how NE-ONE Network Profiler provides fast analysis on what’s running across your network without the need to install agents or require deep technical knowledge. You can watch the product demonstration video it references on the NE-ONE Flex Profiler page.





 Application Performance:  
Understanding the environment that applications need to work in
Whether you’re deploying a new application, or updating an existing one, it’s critical to know if the target networks have sufficient capacity.  NE-ONE Profiler’s reports clearly indicate network utilization which can be easily filtered by application, network, user and time-range enabling you to deploy applications with confidence.

Add new insight to performance testing of applications
NE-ONE Profiler eliminates the guesswork by creating a range of reports that show you how much bandwidth your application uses, chattiness, bottlenecks, throughput rates and timings.  Using these metrics organizations can quickly determine whether applications are ready for deployment, thus eliminating uncertainty and risk, while providing early insight into potential problems.

Health Checks and Audits:
It’s not just PCs and printers that connect to your network but other devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, wearables and environmental controls also want access.  To protect your business from potentially costly and disastrous consequences you need to know the impact they’re having across your network.  NE-ONE Profiler’s graphical dashboards and reports provide fast insight on what’s running across the network enabling you to easily spot unauthorized devices and any anomalies.  If issues are identified days or weeks after they occurred then Profiler’s historical database can be used to go back in time to reveal what was happening on the network.

Cloud Migrations & Data Centre Moves
Migrating or moving applications requires careful planning to ensure that there isn’t an unexpected and potentially negative impact on application performance.   NE-ONE Profiler lets you avoid this frequent cause of project failure by enabling you to determine application network utilization, response times and dependencies so that you can correctly size the new infrastructure.  Furthermore, NE-ONE’s sister product NE-ONE Emulator enables you to test drive applications as if they’ve already moved location.

Networked Application Performance SLA reporting
Whether you’re a service provider or end-user there are occasions when you require reports and metrics about what’s happening across the network.  NE-ONE Profiler provides detailed information, graphically presented in built-in graphs and tables, that can be easily exported into other formats.  Armed with this information IT professionals can demonstrate that they have comprehensive knowledge about their network and the application performance across it.

NE-ONE Profiler enables you to offer a wide range of network and application performance services to your customer because the discovery and analysis is automated and simplified, which means services can be priced affordably to your customers and you can still make a good margin.NE ONE in carry case small

With NE-ONE Profiler you no longer need in-depth network packet analysis technical skills to be able to offer services. You can use the information provided to create powerful and valuable reports for your customers that help make you the trusted advisor and move up the value chain.

An optional ruggedized carry case is available to ensure safe transportation of your NE-ONE appliance from one client to another and to protect it in hostile environments. Read our NE-ONE for Professional Services Product Sheet for more information.

Please also see the NE-ONE Profiler Product Sheet and NE-ONE Profiler Network Application Performance Measurement Options Summary for more information.