NE-ONE Wins Best Product of the Year Award

NE ONE Appliance NC Bench Tested Award2016NE-ONE Network Emulator & Profiler Appliance Wins Network Computing’s 2016 Best “Bench Tested Product of the Year” Award

London, United Kingdom and Boston, USA , March 24, 2016 –Network Computing Magazine has named iTrinegy’s NE-ONE its Editor’s Choice for the best ”Bench Tested Hardware Product of the Year 2016”. NE-ONE is a desktop appliance that combines the ability to measure and profile network traffic with the capability to create virtual test networks in which to test application performance in real-world network conditions. NE-ONE is designed with ease-of-use in mind and enables businesses to deliver effective Application Risk Management (AppRM) by enabling software architects, developers and testers to properly assess and manage risk throughout the development and deployment of networks applications. 

The Network Computing Awards were launched to recognise the products, projects, services and companies that have particularly impressed readers of Network Computing.

Network Computing Magazine awarded iTrinegy’s NE-ONE its Editor’s Choice with Editor, Ray Smyth saying, “Having a non-production environment to safely and effectively understand network and application performance is no longer an option. While everyone is time limited, the right tools are essential.”

The NE-ONE appliance, when in profiling mode, delivers detailed application response time and application network usage analysis by analyzing all traffic on the customer’s monitored network segments. The information obtained can then be used, when the appliance is in its alternative network emulation mode, to recreate accurate replications of the existing network.  This allows the user to test how an application will behave when introduced into that real environment. It is also possible to create completely new (un-profiled) environments such as cloud, mobile or satellite networks in which to verify application performance, if the business is considering a migration to these platforms.  

“We are obviously delighted to receive this award and particularly thrilled that Network Computing endorsed the highly intuitive and elegant usability of the NE-ONE product” said Frank Puranik, iTrinegy’s Product Director. “Delivering sophisticated network emulation and application performance analytics with such ease of use was core to the unique design concepts of the NE-ONE product range.”

You can download a copy of Network Computing’s review of NE-ONE which observed that, “To fully understand performance of an application on a given network requires work. Doing this in a production environment is appealing but professionally flawed. However, a multi-port, point-to-point network emulation and profiling appliance, such as the NE-ONE from iTrinegy, literally transforms this business critical task into achievable, repeatable, reality”.

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