Network Analysis and Application Performance Measurement

If you need to analyse your actual network usage and application performance as well as rapidly resolve end user experience issues then iTrinegy’s NE-ONE Profiler is the product you need.

“Being able to quickly identify application performance issues using the NE-ONE Profiler has saved us countless hours instead of wading through packet capture files. The relatively small investment has paid for itself many times over and we continue to use Profiler to understand and optimize our network”. Read the full case study

NE-ONE Profiler analyses the network traffic, in real-time, and delivers invaluable usage visibility through an intuitive web-based graphical interface.

Key benefits of using NE-ONE Profiler include:

  • No need to capture PCAP files
  • No specific application or network protocol knowledge required
  • No need to “deep dive” with packet analyzers

Simply plug NE-ONE Profiler into a mirrored (span) port or tap and within a few minutes you have all the ongoing key network and network applications metrics to diagnose problems, capacity plan and identify trends and historic issues?

Network Profiler Explainer Video NE-ONE Profiler Overview Video NE-ONE Profiler Product Demonstration