Network Emulation


What is Network Emulation?

Network emulation allows you to setup Software Defined Test Networks. Using an iTrinegy Network Emulator gives you complete control over the link conditions in your test network. Direct real network traffic down emulation network links. These network links can mimic real-world network environments such as Wide Area Networks (WANs), Wireless LANs, GPRS, 4G, IP over Radio / Radio over IP(RoIP), Satellite and MPLS networks. It is then possible to test the performance of new (or existing) applications in these replicated networks.

Why use a Software Defined Test Network?

Using these products from development, through testing to pre-deployment, ensures your application will work and perform in its target network without the requirement for painful and expensive fixing, re-coding, or re-designing. Companies across all sectors use iTrinegy’s Network Emulation technology to replicate real-world network conditions in a controlled environment.


Clock Users Packet TrafficShaping Filter +

Latency & Jitter

Packet Loss

Packet Corruption / Bit Error

Packet Re-Ordering

Bandwidth Restrictions



Our Products

We have two ranges of Network Emulator: NE-ONE Emulator & INE Network Emulator. Take a look at our Emulator Ranges.

Our Network Emulator ranges are avaliable on a variety of different platforms, including VMware certified virtual appliances.

  INE Ent Rack   
 Desktop Appliance Rack-Mount Appliance Virtual Appliance