Network Topologies

Model any network topology including point-to-point, point-to-point dual hop, hub-and-spoke, fully meshed and cloud.




NE-ONE Enterprise Drawing with various pre-installed networks

iTrinegy NE-ONE Enterprise selecting a link type



Usable by experts and novices alike:

Built-in database of link types with GEO calculator for latency.



Quickly Build Time Based Scenarios

No need to write scripts for time-based scenarios with the NE-ONE intuitive Scenario Builder: A video like drag and drop player.



Mobile Gaming experience designed in Network Scenario Builder
Tactical network drawn and configured in the free-form Network Designer

Network Designer

Get going with fast start templates and build simple or elegant topologies with a simple web GUI drag and drop pallet.



In addition to graphs and reports NE-ONE’s built-in analytics provide insight into the application’s network susceptibility and predicted performance.




Available for Hardware, Virtual and Cloud platforms in a number of models to suit all budgets.