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iTrinegy’s Virtual Test Networks enable you to create accurate working facsimiles of all types of real-world networks but within a Lab or Test environment including Satellite, Mobile, WAN, Cloud, Internet, WiFi and LAN. These can be point-to-point, partially meshed or fully meshed topologies.  

We provide two ranges of Network Emulator, each  one offering different models to suit your particular needs.

Our Network Emulators are available as desktop, rack-mount or virtual appliances including VMware certified and OpenStack compatible variants.


What is Network Emulation?

Virtual Appliance*

Desktop Appliance*

Rack-Mount Appliance*

*Model Dependent

Designed for ease of use, our NE-ONE delivers full-featured Network Emulation capabilities in a range of low-cost Desktop or Virtual Appliances.  Ideal for developers, testers and network specialists that require rapid setup of test networks in minutes without specialist networking knowledge.  Create a range of concurrent networks and conditions so that simultaneous testing can be performed.

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Virtual Appliance*

Rack-Mount Appliance*

*Model Dependent

Built to address the needs of Enterprises that want to create Virtual Test Networks that look and feel just like the production networks.  The feature-rich award winning INE family offers enterprise class scalability, high-performance and manageability in a single appliance.  Powerful capabilities, including a programmable architecture, delivers maximum realism to meet the demands of today’s digital businesses.

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What is Network Emulation?

Network Emulation creates Virtual Test Networks

which mimic real-world networks, including routers and links.

Real Network Traffic can be run through the Virtual Test Network, allowing you to accurately emulate user experiences on networked applications. Network Emulation gives you complete control over the conditions of the Virtual Test Network, allowing you to replicate a vast range of user experiences.

Today’s applications are delivered over private and public networks including LAN, WAN, Satellite, Mobile, WiFi, DSL, Internet, etc.  Applications must not only operate in normal conditions but extreme conditions too.  Failure to properly verify an application’s tolerance to changing network conditions can result errors and failures, leading to loss of revenue, damage to brand reputation or even loss of life in military or blue light services.

Network Emulation is applicable to almost every industry including defence, gaming, retail, financial services, healthcare, ecommerce, utilities; in fact any organisation that wants to mitigate the risk of application failure in networks.


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