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Choose the AWS region closest to customers, unless you need to break this rule 

"If you want to get serious about network response times, talk to professionals like iTrinegy".

In the latest in his cloud automation series, Nick Hardiman details how to choose an Amazon Web Services (AWS) region from the eight data centers around the world. One of his recommendations is to address issues like latency by talking to iTrinegy. More>>

Network Computing Magazine


Case Study
Credit where credit's due with AppQoS

Resolving application performance issues with AppQoS from iTrinegy alleviated the need for WAN optimisation for International Personal Finance, a leading international home credit business More>>



Network Emulation for the Cloud

TechRepublic's Nick Hardiman reports that for those considering a move from the LAN to the public cloud, network emulation offers a new way to test performance. More>>

Interop Interview
iTrinegy Details Network Application Performance Solutions

Nora Murphy, Global Sales Manager at iTrinegy tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about her company’s network emulation and APM technologies... More>>

APM Digest

The Network is Slow - APM to the rescue

Itrinegy blogger, Jim Swepson describes the "detective work" used to help a customer find the real cause of poor performance More>>


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