iTrinegy is often referenced in the IT press. Below is a sample of our more recent coverage:

MSP Today

Event Report by Doug Barney, TCMNet Editor at LargeInterop Vegas Travelogue: MSP News in Spades (Part 1)

"Itrinegy was early on my hit list. Whenever someone asked me what was cool at the show, I pointed them to booth #641." More>>

Network World


British Airways not only surfing the skies!

Major airport networks being tested using 'Skylab'

British Airways is using a new applications testing platform (from iTrinegy) to check the performance of new and existing apps over its disparate worldwide network. More>>


BAPCO Journal


Home Office chooses iTrinegy solution to guarantee resilience

The Home Office, the lead UK government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, counter-terrorism, police, and science and research, investigated different technologies designed to test application resilience and prove the performance of any application.  They chose iTrinegy’s LCD, a standalone, all-in-one portable network emulator meeting their criteria for the resilience test within the project.  More>>

360IT Interview

Frank Puranik speaks to 360IT about the press conference he has attended with some big name publications. Frank discussed the importance of tools that assess and experience the network part of 'Cloud'

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