iTrinegy is often referenced in the IT press. Below is a sample of our more recent coverage:



Your SaaS provider and a "dirty little secret"

In amongst the SLA’s from your SaaS provider, guaranteeing you 99.99…% availability hides a dirty little secret. You’re going to receive service from them over a public network i.e. a network that neither you nor they control...

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LTE: Will it be as disappointing as 3G?

4G mobile networks promise high speed and low latency, but real world economics might intervene...

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Network Computing


iTrinegy AppQoS Offers Packet-Based Network APM For The Masses

"iTrinegy's approach of using small-footprint, low-cost instrumentation that is easy to deploy and requires virtually no administration is disruptive" says Jim Frey, managing research director for Enterprise Management Associates. "The total cost of ownership will fall into a range within easy reach of small-mid enterprises, which need sophisticated application performance monitoring but can't afford high-end enterprise products. This is packet-based network APM for the masses." More>>


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