iTrinegy is often referenced in the IT press. Below is a sample of our more recent coverage:

Software Testing News

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Testing over networks is much more than a check box exercise

Frank Puranik, Senior Technical Specialist, iTrinegy, comments on conversations and learning from The National Software Testing Conference including why testing over networks is more than a check box exercise. More>>


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18 Ways to Ensure Mobile App Performance

APMdigest asked industry experts – from analysts and consultants to the top vendors – to recommend the best ways to ensure mobile app performance. Frank Puranik briefly shares his thoughts on how network emulation can help. More>>

Network Computing Magazine

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Network reality from a virtual test network

Network infrastructures groan under the weight of increasingly complex demands, but the risk of testing applications on a production network must be avoided. Frank Puranik of iTrinegy explains how. More>>

Ministry of Testing


Why You Need Network Emulation for Your App Testing

Frank Puranik outlines how network emulation technologies can be used to ensure succesful deployment of applications across networks. More>>



Cloud Storage for Business: 37 Cloud Experts Reveal the Top Cloud Storage Mistakes They See Companies Make

iTrinegy's CEO Martin Ford advises companies to remember application performance when considering a migration to the cloud. More>>


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