NE-ONE Enterprise reports

For organizations needing to use applications over the WAN, TCP/IP inefficiencies,  combined with the effects of WAN latency and other impairments, conspire to interfere with optimal application performance.  The consequences?  Applications that are sluggish or worse, just do not work properly.


NE-ONE’s Enterprise Reports feature provides rapid analysis with a built-in expert system using embedded knowledge that delivers immediate insight that predicts how well an application will perform across the WAN.  




Network Ready Analysis

A color-coded Network Ready Score allows you to easily visualize which applications are sensitive to latency and bandwidth.


Network Ready Analysis



Latency Sensitivity

Automatic prediction that tells you how much latency an application can tolerate before it experiences a problem.




Bandwidth Sensitivity

See what applications will experience issues when bandwidth is restricted.






View Transactions

  • View client requests and server responses with the timing of each conversation 
  • Identify application tasks that use excessive requests resulting in poor application performance helping you to focus where to spend the effort in application re-engineering
  • Examine how much data was sent and received by the client


NE-ONE Enterprise – Reporting Webinar (click to play)

NE-ONE Enterprise – Reporting Webinar

iTrinegy Senior Technical Specialist guides you through how to set up reports when using NE-ONE Enterprise. Areas covered include:

  • Configuration Report
  • Test Report
  • Applications Report
  • Applications Performance Report