Future Games of London Mobile Games Testing

Customer : Future Games of London / UbisoftFGOL Icon 2017 vsmall

Application: Mobile Games Testing & Problem Resolution

Product: NE-ONE Network Emulator

Peter Hodges, Technical Director “...the Quality Control team latched on to it straightaway and used the NE-ONE to address some of their ‘hard to reproduce’ bugs and this has proved extremely satisfactory for the team”. Click here for the full story.

CD Projekt Red Games Testing

Customer : CD PROJEKT REDCDP RED logo 720x405

Application: Online Games Testing & Problem Resolution

Product: NE-ONE Network Emulator

Marcin Pieprzowski, Tech QA Analyst, CD PROJEKT RED “What made us choose the NE-ONE over the competition was its simplicity of use. Our QA team, in particular, also likes working with the visual scenario editor which enables them to build complex scenarios from pre-prepared “standard” examples making the process become much faster and approachable. NE-ONE’s Network Scenario Builder is one of the best features the network emulator offers, as it makes it easier to use for less tech savvy testers. Other solutions we evaluated offered almost no reusability of configurations”. Click here for the full story.

NATS Analogue to IP-based Comms Migration

Customer : NATS (formerly National Air Traffic Control)NATS Comms Tower image

Application: Communications Network Migration

Product: INE Enterprise

Read how NATS ensures a safe transition from an Analogue to an IP-based Ground-Air communications network using iTrinegy’s INE Enterprise network emulator. Click here for the full story.

iMarket VoIP Deployment Testing

Customer : iMarket Communications imarket logo

Application: VoIP Deployment Testing

Product: NE-ONE Network Emulator

Cliff Wilton, VP Engineering, EMEA: “In terms of set up, I would say that within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box we had the NE-ONE set up exactly as we wanted to. It is one of the simplest pieces of test kit I have ever used".

“The outlay for an NE-ONE is modest. We have achieved multi-fold ROI very quickly with it by being able to conduct realistic proof-of-concepts prior to signing up line rentals with the carriers.  It has helped to demonstrate the robustness of our financial trading solutions and given our customers the reassurance that when they invest in our products, they are going to work as expected. All in all, it has been a Win/Win situation.”

(click here for the full story)

Jagex Online Gaming Testing

Customer : Jagex Games Studio Jagex logo

Application: Online Games Testing & Problem Resolution

Product: NE-ONE Virtual Test Network

Mathew Burnett, Head of RuneScape CoreTech: “Our Operations Engineers are highly skilled but we need them to focus on core business rather than spending time trying to simulate appropriate network conditions. As a result, we were looking for a virtual test network that was quick to set up, easy to use and didn’t require the user to be a ‘network specialist’ to operate it.”

Willem Amoraal, IT Manager: “The cost of purchasing iTrinegy’s NE-ONE has easily been recovered in the savings in time we have achieved by not having to use our old in-house emulator. The ROI for us has been the real ease of use of the product and quick speed of set-up and deployment. However, the main benefit is the fact that we have been able to achieve a higher level of customer service which fits in with our philosophy of providing fantastic experiences for our community.”

(click here for the full story)


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