SEA Application Performance Assurance Testing

Customer : SEA (Systems Engineering & Assessment) Ltd 

Application: Application Performance Assurance Testing

Product: INE for Windows

Brian Stenhouse, SEA: “We realised quickly that what we needed was a network emulator and through online research we produced a shortlist of products that matched own requirements.  It didn’t take us long to choose iTrinegy’s INE for Windows, a windows software based emulator that allowed us to define the performance parameters of our application very quickly.”

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Greater London Authority Case Study

Customer : Greater London Authority  GLA finds iTrinegy's INE for Windows a valuable part of the testing toolkit

Application: Application Performance Testing

Product: INE for Windows

Brian Arnold, Systems Integration Engineer, Greater London Authority ...I am confident in the use of INE for Windows and will utilise it when required in future testing engagements.  It has become a valuable part of my testing toolkit and I am very happy with my decision to choose it for my Network Emulation requirements.” (click for full story)

Mantech Mission-Critical Applications Testing

Customer : Mantech International Corporation

Application: Pre-Deployment Testing of Mission-Critical Applications

Product: INE Enterprise

Ernest McCaleb, Network Archirect for ManTech: "We service multiple agencies within the Department of Defense, and understanding the issues that would impact application performance is an essential part of the testing process. Being able to simulate things like a degraded circuit, latency, packet loss and jitter is really important, so that no matter where our client’s data travels, we will have the ability to identify and mitigate any serious performance issues.”

“I was aware of other network emulation providers, but found that they didn’t offer the kind of service I was looking for.  I did my research and came across iTrinegy, who had an impressive selection of network emulators; we chose their Enterprise version as it covered every eventuality we might need.”

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British Airways Networked Application Testing

Customer : British Airways

Application: Pre-Deployment Testing of Applications Over Airport Network

Product: INE LCD

Ian Matthars, Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer: "“Network emulators allow us to create the worst kind of networks, and seeing how our applications behave allows us to make sure our systems work no matter where in the world our networks, staff and customers are located and INE LCD continues to be an important part of our network testing within our Skylab.“

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