Our free "How To" webinars cover a range of topics and are aimed at providing help on understanding the issues associated with application performance and data transmission over private and public networks. All sessions follow a three-step process of Introduction, Learning and Questions. Webinars will typically run for between 20 and 30 minutes.

Upcoming Webinars

August 23 2018 | How To Avoid Making Players Your Game's First Testers

PST: 08:00 EST: 11:00  BST: 16:00  CET: 17:00

Today’s gamers expect a great player experience regardless of the network that they’re connected to. But when network conditions put the player at a disadvantage - or worse the game is unplayable- then a bad review or negative social media post, is frequently the first step in expressing one’s anger and disappointment. Therefore surely it makes sense to develop and test games in an environment that accurately reflects the real-world network conditions for a player’s location - so that the game can be optimized to handle a myriad of network conditions.

In this webinar you will learn how Virtual Test Networks can be used to create a secure test environment that looks and behaves just like the real-world networks - an environment that’s not only under your complete control, but is also repeatable too!

• The impact that bad networks has on player experience.
• Are your players actually your first testers?
• What a Virtual Test Network is .
• How to enhance your DevTest environment with a bad network!
• Using a Virtual Test Network to create player networks.
• Virtual Test Networks Solution Types



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