Looking to replace your end-of-life Shunra Network Emulator?

The NE-ONE Network Emulator range is the natural choice.


Now that support for Shunra’s network emulation appliances has terminated, it’s time to look for a better alternative.

Why Choose the NE-ONE range?

NE-ONE Enterprise Network Emulators offer a range of capabilities that ensure they are the best option for accurately conducting application performance testing over networks. These include:

  • Creation of Point-to-Point, Fully Meshed & Partially Meshed Topologies
  • ‘Emulator on a Stick’ Capabilities
  • A Choice of Hardware or Virtual Appliances
  • Supplied with a Perpetual License so no annual renewal costs
  • Full Shunra to NE-ONE Migration Assistance to ensure a seamless transition

Already trusted by organizations operating in Military, Finance, Transport, R&D, Gaming, Broadcasting, and other sectors, you can be confident that the NE-ONE Enterprise range will meet your testing requirements.

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Available in hardware or virtual appliances