Slimming World, working with iTrinegy, is nominated as a Finalist in the Project of the Year 2011 Awards

Cambridge, UK, Reno, Nevada, USA – March 10th, 2011, — iTrinegy, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ experts, are delighted to announce that their network emulation technology was an integral part of a major Slimming World project, which has been shortlisted by Network Computing magazine for Project of the Year 2011 award category.

The award category for Project of the Year ‘Private sector’ by the Network Computing editorial staff is awarded to companies who have shown a high degree of innovative network computing using the most up-to-date technology and showing how it has benefited or increased their business processes.

Each week more than 6,700 groups hold meetings nationwide via a network of 3,000 Slimming World trained Consultants running their own franchised clubs in local communities. Slimming World also offers a service to a number of GPs and Primary Care Trusts where patients who need to lose weight for their health are referred to groups. The company invests a great deal into ensuring that all its methods and systems are in line with the most up to date scientific research and methods.

Slimming World wanted to match their first-class services to their members and the NHS by significantly increasing the efficiency of their administration and reporting procedures. To achieve this Slimming World recognised that it was time to replace its paper-based system.with an advanced IT system that would make it easier for their Consultants to administer their groups.

With this in mind, Slimming World developed their bespoke ‘Xpress Weigh’ system and utilised iTrinegy’s technology to conduct comprehensive pre-deployment application performance testing to ensure it would be successfully implemented.

iTrinegy network emulators were utilised by Slimming World to understand the areas that had poor internet connections, areas where latency would impact their applications, as some of their Consultants were using old dial-up modems and or had low bandwidth.

iTrinegy assisted Slimming World’s IT team by simulating the various inter-site WAN technologies such as ISDN and ADSL etc whilst offering the opportunity to simulate the running of the system under high loads on unpredictable networks. The ability of iTrinegy’s network emulators to replicate a wide variety of network conditions such as link speed, packet loss, error rates and delay allowed Slimming World to fully test ‘XpressWeigh’ prior to its release.

iTrinegy technology helped ensure that ‘XpressWeigh’ was a success, and guaranteed a positive experience for all their Consultants. The new system has enabled the company’s Consultants to update their members’ details within minutes rather than weeks and iTrinegy network emulators are being used continually by Slimming World to test new updates and also regression testing, essential when testing new code for guaranteeing no problems prior to rolling out any new updates.

About Slimming World

Slimming World was started by Margaret Miles-Bramwell (OBE, FRSA) in September 1969 in Derbyshire where its headquarters remain to this day. The company has been an outstanding success. It’s estimated that over the 40 years since Slimming World was founded, 3 million people have shed the astonishing collective total of 30 million kilograms and there has been a significant positive impact on their well-being.

Over the years Slimming World has led the way and set the highest standards for the science of successful slimming. Slimming World has Consultants in UK, Northern Ireland, Eire and USA.

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